Monday, June 18, 2012

Jurassic Park Cookie Cake!

Dinosaur Sprinkles!

Yup, I'm still thrilled about these neon-colored dinosaurs...
I have to be real: this is basically cookie dough baked in a cake pan topped with store-bought frosting/neon dinosaur sprinkles, (yes you read that correctly, neon dinosaur sprinkles)! I figured there was no harm in at least sharing the pictures, even if it's not my most original work. The recipe is the same one I used from another baking blog, but any wonderful cookie dough recipe should suffice: just be sure to keep an eye on the cookie cake as it's baking because you don't want it to burn! I added 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to my cookie dough by the way, as I find that it kicks up the chocolate flavor (clever girl, five cool points to you if you get this reference). Use the frosting of your choice, (I went with Pillsbury classic vanilla and was quite pleased), and spread it on top of the cookie cake after it has completely cooled. If you're a sprinkle-person like me, add some lovely decorations on top!
I found these cute dinosaur sprinkles in a set at the grocery store. I hope you find them too: I'm sure your inner five year-old will rejoice in them as much as I did. Jurassic Park will always be a classic to me...I mean Jeff Goldblum was in it! If he's not cool in all his quirkiness, I don't know who is!  Now, I know this post is very short and sweet, but hey, at least you get to look at yummy dessert, right? Happy Monday!

NOTE: I used half of what the recipe called for cookie dough wise and baked it for about 20 to 25 minutes, (or until it's golden brown).You might have to bake it for a little longer depending on how much cookie dough you use or whether you have a fancy schmancy oven! Either way, enjoy!

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