Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jerry's Black and White Cookie

The only one of the batch that came out looking (mostly) round

Please tell me you love Seinfeld as much as I do! Whenever I visit my parents back home in Louisville, we end up staying up late to watch re-runs. The "show about nothing" always leaves us laughing until our stomachs hurt, so in honor of it, I give you Martha Stewart's recipe for Black & White cookies! These fantastic cake-like cookies are a New York staple and also a favorite of Jerry himself.

No copyright infringement intended, this is all Diva Martha! Isn't her site amazing?


I will warn ya that these were "tough cookies" to make. The dough is very smooth, which makes scooping the dough on the pan a little tricky. All in good fun, though! I should also mention that I added just a hint of vanilla extract to the icing, just because I'm kind of obsessed with the wonders of vanilla extract. Look to the cookie everyone, look to the cookie, (and 5 cool points to you if you get that reference)!

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