Monday, April 30, 2012

Don Draper loves to bake! *Swoons*

Now, I can't say Don Draper is a perfect man, but what I can say is that Jon Hamm's portrayal of him is pretty much perfection. Some friends and I were talking about how despite all the super bad stuff Don does, (i.e. cheating on his wife, lying, losing that temper of his and shouting at his employees), we still care about him. Why is that? Numerous reasons:

(1) He's a complex character. He's not just some jerk that got everything handed to him on a silver platter. He came from very humble means, had a tragic past, and worked his way to the top. Yes, he stole someone else's identity, but seriously, can you tell me that Dick Whitman sounds as pleasing to the ear as Don Draper? Also, he has an impeccable sense of fashion (hollaback Janie Bryant)!

(2) There are excellent writers working on Mad Men. These people are amazing and thus make Don more than just a depressed womanizer. Also, they get cool points for the larger social commentary the show serves to make.

(3) He's on AMC, which is now synonymous with pretty gangsta programming (Breaking Bad, anyone)?

(4) A former executive producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer now produces the show that made Jon Hamm famous, (that's totally beside the point, but take that Buffy haters)!

My point is, Jon Hamm brings something to Don Draper that no one else could and it's that special un-nameable something that keeps people coming back. This brings me to my fifth and final reason why Don is the deal:

(5) Don loves to bake, (or at least his 30 Rock twin loves to). You don't believe me? Then take a look at this clip I got from Eat Me Daily. Oh, Liz Lemon, I want to go to there, too.

Speaking of which, I really *do* need to catch up on Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Yikes! Say that three times fast!

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